Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tomb Kings In Space!

Necrons! This weekend has seen the first leaked pictures of new Necron models. And I have to say, they do look fabulous! You'll find pictures here: NECRON PICS

I'm reminded of when Necrons first surfaced, as a free give-away on the cover of White Dwarf back in the mid-nineties. My thoughts then were that they were pretty poor! The model was a Terminator, pure and simple, and not even a particularly good one at that. That first impression has clouded my judgement of the army ever since. This perception has not been helped by the limited choice of models, the static poses and generally negative opinion of the army - even by Necron players!

However, the new models have changed least some of those long-held views. I'm really glad that GW have decided to inject some much-needed character into the models. Of course, you can see the Necrons' lineage immediately - the influence of the recently-released Tomb Kings is obvious for all to see. That said, it gives the army a visual theme which in the past has been sorely lacking, so I'm looking forward to seeing some good-looking armies on the table soon.

Of course, what the Necrons really need is some vehicles, and it finally looks as though they're getting some! Again, the models look stunning - to me, reminiscent of the Alien pilot from the first Alien film. Of course, nice models are only half the battle (never excuse the pun). The real validation of the Necrons as a valid army will be when we get to see new rules and the new Codex - so let's hope it's not too long a wait!

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