Sunday, 30 October 2011

Perfect for Primarchs

This evening I stumbled across Scibor Monstrous Miniatures, a Polish company who seem to be making some very detailed sci-fi (and fantasy) models at the moment.

Historical Models

The ones that caught my eye most were their 'historical' sci-fi Knights. Each one is themed around a particular period of ancient military history, for example Spartan, Celtic, Egyptian, Roman Centurian and so on.

Getting a Sense of Scale

One thing I don't know (yet) is how big the models actually are! The range is 28mm, however we all know that that doesn't really stop miniatures designers from wildly exaggerating the dimensions (Space Marines would be over 8ft tall in 'real life' for instance).

Talking of Space Marines, I do think that these models could be perfect for a tabletop representation of a Primarch. The picture at the top of this article could easily be Sanguinius of the Blood Angels, and the picture shown to the right could be the Dark Angels' very own Lion El'Jonson.

Cowardly Cowardly Custodes

The other models that grabbed my attention were these 'Roman Legionary Veterans'. One of my regular gaming friends (Simo of Claws & Fists fame) recently mentioned that one of his favourite 'expanded universe' units in WH40k were Imperial Custodes, and these models struck me as being just right for them. I really like the poses, and the monk-style tabards and hoods sit right with the fluff too.

These are some of the nicer models I've come across recently.

What models have grabbed your attention recently?

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  1. Scibor's work is excellent, I've ordered a number of things from him in the past and always been very happy with them. The resin cuts easily, but is otherwise very strong and unlikely to break through casual use (just don't drop the model off a table.) The level of detail on the models is amazing and none of the pictures are in any way deceptive in that regard.

    In terms of scale, most of the models are large enough that it is necessary that they be mounted on the 40mm bases provided with them and are noticeably bulkier than GW power armor figures. On the other hand, they don't match the general shape/profile of Terminator armor, so they are best suited to be "heroic" PA models, although given their size using them as Terminators is hardly out of the question. Even without the scenic bases they will stand a good head or more taller than regular Marines, which can be a plus or minus depending on what you're looking for.

    Avatars of War does similarly amazing figures for Fantasy, and I've been dying to order some of their stuff, but haven't brought myself to do it yet. There are rather a lot of quality sculptors around these days doing third-party work for both games.