Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Developing Codex: Squats - Army Characteristics

The next part of my development of the Squats codex is to think about the characteristics of the army - that is, how will the army play in a typical game. After some brainstorming, I've decided on the following:

Squat 'Race' Characteristics:
  • Resolute, tough, strong-minded
  • Unlikely to fall back or be affected by negative psychology
  • High tendancy to hold grudges ('Book of Grudges'??)
  • Naturally resiliant to opponent's pychic powers
  • Few psychic powers / psykers in army
  • Ancestor Lord will be only psyker
  • Squat psychic powers will be defensive and/or synergistic (ie upgrading troop charactistics or powers, similar to Eldar Doom & Guide powers)
  • Mechanically & technologically highly adept (with particular aptitude toward plasma and energy weapons)
  • Subterranean dwellers

Squat Technology:
  •  Widespread use of tunnelling machines (Termite transports etc) - all transports arrive from deepstrike in a similar way to Space Marine Drop Pods (ie half arrive on turn one, rest arrive from reserve)
  • Tunnellers cause hits (large blast template?) on opposing models when arriving
  • Opponent's vehicles stand chance of falling into subterranean tunnels, depending on number of tunnellers in Squat army
  • Use of air balloons & air-ships - slow moving but stable weapon platforms
  • Reconnaisance 'Spotter' air balloon allows units out of line-of-sight to use balloon's LoS for targetting blasts & barrages
  • Light infantry armour (5+)
  • Unit upgrade to provide 3+ / 4+ (?) cover save (vs. ballistic shots only) from 'energy bubble generator'
  •  Sappers (scouts) allow areas of terrain to be secretly nominated as difficult/dangerous and booby-trapped land
One thing I will not be doing is limiting the army's 'foot' speed. I think that would fly in the face of every other race currently in 40k. If 6th edition brings in variable movement speeds (eg Tyranids, Eldar moving possibly 8"?) then I would consider dropping the Squats down to 4", but until that time, everything (from Genestealers to Ratlings) stay at 6".

As I start developing rules and stats for individual units, I will use the above characteristics as a general guide, and flesh out some of those points in more detail to hopefully make a really unique army! 

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