Saturday, 19 November 2011

Squats as Imperial Guard - Army List Plan

After a week away for work, I'm back home refreshed, recharged and raring to get stuck into my Squat army. Longtime readers of the Claws & Fists blog will know just how long I've been going on about doing this, but it really is the main thrust of my efforts now (especially now that I've got a serviceable Tyranid army to use at club nights and tournaments).

As well as working on my long-term project of creating my own fandex: Squat Stronghold, my medium-term plan is to get a counts-as Imperial Guard army on the table as quickly as possible. I already have a number of models scratch-built, which you can see below, along with about thirty or forty infantry models which I have freshly painted in the last few months.

Newly-painted infantry
The aim of my counts-as Imperial Guard army is to get a Squat army on the table at the earliest opportunity, and make it as competitive as possible against the power-armoured forces which the boys of Claws & Fists (Gav, Andy & Mick) and 1st Company Vets (Dave, John/McTicTac et al) regularly trounce my Tyranids with. I may even take the Squat army to a future Blog Wars tournament, run by Alex of 'From the Fang' blog fame.

The list I have come up with is as follows. I'd be really grateful for any comments you have, both from Imperial Guard players, and from Marines players who have faced off against the tanks and guns of the Imperial Army.
Scratch-built Airship
(counts as Valkyrie / Vendetta)

1 x Company Command Squad w/Creed
1 x Company Command Squad


1 x Techpriest Enginseer  w/2 x Servitors


1 x Battle Psyker Squad (Overseer & 6 x Psykers)
Scratch-built Termite
(counts as Chimera)
1 x Battle Psyker Squad (Overseer & 6 x Psykers)


1 x Infantry Platoon:
   - Platoon Command w/Autocannon team   
   - Infantry squad
   - Infantry squad
   - Heavy Weapons Team (3 x Autocannon)
   - Heavy Weapons Team (3 x Autocannon)
   - Heavy Weapons Team (3 x Autocannon)  
Converted Ramshackle Games
vehicle (counts as Hydra) 
   - Heavy Weapons Team (2 x Autocannon & 1 x Lascannon)
   - Heavy Weapons Team (2 x Autocannon & 1 x Lascannon)


1 x Valkyrie

Converted Ramshackle Games
vehicle (counts as Colossus/Medusa)
Ordnance Battery with 1 x Colossus & 1 x Medusa
2 x Hydra Flak Tanks
1 x Colossus


2 x Chimera (for Psyker Battle Squads)

The main idea behind the army is to use the Hydras and Autocannons in the Heavy Weapon Squads to take out Rhinos, leaving the large blasts from the Valkyrie, Colossi(sp.?!) and Medusa to deal with the infantry. The Psyker Battle Squads will sit back for the first turn or so, hiding in their Chimeras, until the opponent's infantry are out of their transports. Once the Marines have been extricated from their Rhinos/Razorbacks, the Battle Psykers will use their powers to reduce the Marines' leadership so that they are more likely to run away once I start killing 'em all.

That's the plan, anyway - what do you think to it?