Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Query: How Effective are Psyker Battle Squads against Space Marines?

One of the units I'm thinking of including in my Squat 'counts-as' Imperial Guard army are Psyker Battle Squads, possibly two units of 6-7 each. I've seen them used to devastating effect against some armies, however I am unsure how well they perform against loyalist Marines, bearing in mind they automatically rally the following turn with their ATSKNF special rule.

Have you used Psyker Battle Squads against Marines? Or had them used against you? Opinions and thoughts gratefully received!


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  2. I have used and been abused by PBS's and they do the job very well.

    Even if they just buy you an extra turn of shooting its a job well done IMO.

    And don't forget the other shooting power!


  3. have a listen to last weeks 40kUK. Dave interviews Darkwyn who is the brains behind the successful guard lists. They talk about PBS

    Get some painting done
    I wanna see

  4. Thanks for the thoughts guys. Being a non-Marine player though, does ATSKNF mean that a Marine unit auto rallies and can act as normal the next turn? And even if they are below half strength?

  5. yes but not if they have a unit within 6" of them so if you have Vendettas (or similar) it can be fairly easy to escort any non-fearless unit off the table

  6. Aha, so the 6" rule still applies to Marines with ATSKNF? Perfect! Thanks for that Andy. I'm still up for some playtesting, probably between Christmas and New Year, if not in the new year itself.

  7. You know where I am if you fancy any playtesting mate. Looking forward to hopefully seeing squats at BW3