Friday, 6 April 2012

White Dwarf Spine Image - Death Guard?

I've just seen on the always-excellent Faeit 212 blog the combined spines of the last four White Dwarf magazine spines.

It seems to be the general consensus that the image depicts a Dark Angel, however I would like to offer an alternative - could it be a Death Guard plague marine? The clues are there:
  • Dark green armour? Check.
  • Off-white tabard? Check.
  • Red detailing? Check. 
All these basic colours fit perfectly with the classic Plague Marine colours. And if you look closely at the White Dwarf spine image, it appears there are some Nurgle-style plague mutations on the chect, and the backpack looks non-standard too.

Now, I am quite willing to be wrong (it happens a lot), but we know rumours of a Chaos Legions codex are rife, and I think it always helps to have alternative opinions to balance any argument!

Plague Marine (thanks to

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  1. Its clearly a Dark Angels veteren. Given they are releasing the codex in the next couple of weeks it makes sense.